WIP: AMT/ERTL A-Wing Part 7

Two Updates in one Weekend

Yes, a minor miracle, two update in the same weekend!

Spent a few hours cleaning up the overspray and missed areas today with a hairy brush.  There was something really fun about removing the masking tape to reveal the White areas of the model, (mostly) untouched.  Things would have been a lot easier if I’d have sprayed the model in sub-assemblies, but live and learn eh?!

Polishing Up Overspray and Picking Out Panels

Despite doing what I could to mask the white areas, there was inevitably overspray to contend with.  Using the the same white primer I used to airbrush the base coat, I cleaned up the overspray areas I could see.  I’m bound to have missed a few, so I’m going to take another look with fresh eyes another day.

There were also some places where I missed areas that should be red, partly because the masking blocked access, but also some spots that I just didn’t get a solid basecoat layered down.

Next a picked out a few panels in grey (and a handful in red) as per the instructions in the Bandai instructions.  This through up a variety of slight differences between the panel detail of this old AMT ERTL kit when compared with the modern Bandai kit.  I’ve tried to capture the essence of the details, even if I can’t reproduce it exactly.

I also started to but some detail into the laser cannons, which helps make me feel it’s moved along a bit.


I found today’s work quite therapeutic, I had a couple of YouTube videos to catch up on, and it was pretty relaxing working this way.  Hairy brush painting panels isn’t quite as smooth as using an airbrush, but sometimes I think you’ve just got to get in there with one for clean up.

Theres still plenty to do, including finishing off the pilot, but then comes the fun part that I’m most looking forward to; weathering!

Thanks for visiting, comments, criticisms, suggestions and general ego massaging welcome as always…

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