WIP: AMT/ERTL A-Wing Part 3

Merry Christmas!

A little late, but the world goes on outside of hobbying and blogging.

Not much progress to report, on anything, I’ve mostly been enjoying the Christmas break, and spending time with family.  The days fly by that’s for sure this way, but I did squeeze in some model work.

Kit Problems

The AMT/ERTL A-Wing is a pretty basic kit really.  It has raised panel lines and an absolutely terrible pilot miniature, that’s not just poorly detailed, but also far too small.

Although I’d always planned to work “out the box” with this one, as I have one of the more awesome Bandai A-Wings in my stash to do a proper job on, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it without any modifications.

Panel Line Scribing

I’ve never tried panel line scribing before, and it’s something that I really wasn’t looking forward to.  It’s one of those things that until you give it a try, it’s always going to be a little off putting to begin.

I have a tool for scribing, but it’s quite daunting to do given one slip and you may wreck the model.  I decided to bite the bullet with this one and give it a go.  There were a few mishaps, definitely, but for the most part I still think it’s an improvement.  Once panel lines were scribed and the model cleaned, I filled any slips with some pollyfilla, and I’m now waiting for it to try to sand it back.




I’ve masked the top half of the model so I can airbrush the cockpit, and I’ve found that my primer didn’t dry as quickly as I’m use to.  I wonder if it’s a bit of an odd plastic.

I’m not sure quite yet if I’m going to leave the cockpit flat black, or whether I’ll zenithal apply some grey as I did the cockpit seat.

The cockpit seat had been worked on already, and I’d touched up the leather cushions a few times already, and I’m happy with where it’s got to, especially as most of it will be covered by the pilot.



With the pilot being so basic and small, I sourced a set of fighter pilot models from Hasagawa, and chose one that was suitable. It’s not screen accurate, but a far more appropriate size and more interesting detail. There’s a slight issue in that the increased size adds a risk that the model won’t fit in the cockpit and blocking the canopy closing. I test-fitted the model before attaching his arms, and trimmed some plastic away and filled gaps until I was happy I knew he fit.


I’m planning to paint the pilot in screen accurate colours.  I didn’t want to prime the pilot whilst the filler was curing, as I didn’t know how it would react, so that’s something I will need to be a bit patient with and take a look another day.

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