Weekly Round Up – 2019 – Week 9

More Zombicide, but this week saw me complete the last batch of 8 zombies from season 1. Phew… what a lot of painting done so far this year!


This week was a really significant painting milestone for me given it finally saw the completion of all the regular zombies (walkers, runners and fatties) from the Zombicide Season 1 boxed game.

It’s taken two months, but that’s 64 zombies painted from the box game, in addition to the 28 in the expansion box that I started last year and finished off a few this year. This is by far and away already my most productive year in terms of completed models, and a shift in focus to worry less about details and neatness and instead just enjoy the process and try to complete models as been a major contributing factor to the change.

I’m surprised at how much of a sense of achievement I’ve gotten from completing so many, it’s funny that fully completing the models, even when you know you can hit a better standard is still rewarding.

The final zombies were actually finished off pretty early in the week, which gave me the chance to prime the Abomination and survivors too. The airbrush gave me a lot of problems due to a blockage somewhere, and it took stripping it down and some heavy cleaning to clear it, but once done it was nice to get the priming done on the rest of the set even if it was frustrating!

The pace will now drop a bit as I am intending to put a little more detail and work into the Abomination and survivor models, as I want to make sure that “The Stars of the Show” if you will are of a higher standard.

After the Abomination and survivors are complete, although I have a load more zombicide I could work on (Toxic Mall, Season 2 and a full Kickstarter set of Black Plague!), I’m probably going to work on something a little different. It’ll either be finishing off the Space Wolf Blood Claw pack I’d started (but aren’t that fun to work on to be honest), working on more gangers for my Necromunda Goliath gang, or maybe even finishing off the Fellowship of the Ring. Choices, choices, choices!

Basecoat – all done in one session on a Monday evening
Highlights and shading on day 2
Eyes, blood, drybrushed the base and finished off the base rim. All done
Basecoat applied to the Abomination


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