Weekly Round Up – 2019 – Week 6

Another 8 zombies for Zombicide Season 1 have been completed this week, and further progress on the Necromunda Goliath Ganger.

Zombicide Zombies

There’s not much to be said about this weeks work, beyond that despite having a night off painting mid week (due to feeling a bit burned out from work), I still managed to complete all 8 to my “board game standard”.

I feel I’m getting a lot faster, which is wholly down to practice. I quite like the colour choices here, and although I’ve previously done a purple and green group, this batch looks a little nicer.

The skin tone I think is a nicer paint to work with than the pale flesh I was using previously, it applies more smoothly and so goes on a lot faster.

Overall I’m quite happy with them. The WIP photos can be found below.

Basecoating complete, and base shaded
Highlights applied
Wash applied; at the time this photo was taken the wash is still wet, showing how heavily it’s been applied
Bases and models complete…
and the last four


It’s slow progress on the Goliath. I’m trying to add some variation to the skin by applying different coloured washes selectively into deeper recesses to add visual interest.

I’m really enjoying the painting of the red on the chest plate, the transition is fun to apply, and it’s a really cool visual effect that’s coming along quite nicely.

I suspect I’m going to get a little stuck soon and lose interest!

Starting to work on the highlights of the red
Working on the highlights further
Seeing some of the transitions on the skin
The back is my favourite part of the model so far – the right shoulder which is further along as well as the luminescence of the canisters and wires are my favourite parts.
A few places need cleaning up from this view, but I like how the skin on the arm is working out


The running total of miniatures completed this year is now at a grand total of 59. I’m really pleased with the level and number of models I’m getting through. The Zombicide models have been great practice for me, and I think that the final results are really effective.

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