Weekly Round Up – 2019 – Week 24

Finally, finished a bunch of models to smash the 100 miniatures completed barrier this year… and rewarded myself with some new models!

Rather than my regular Sunday update post this week, as I’m away at a Fleetwood Mac concert at Wembley at the weekend, I’m posting on a Friday.

I’ve had a fair few models on the painting desk that just needed finishing off, but have been stuck in the “not quite there” state. This week I smashed through them to break 100 models. This is my most productive hobby year ever already, and we’re only 6 months in!


I’ve been crawling over the line with the first batch of Toxic Zombies. I wasn’t fully happy with the skin, and I did really wing the base. In hindsight, I should have first done a test mini to make sure I was happy with things before diving into a full batch. Ah well, they are still OK.

The second batch however, I’m much happier with. Rather than starting with a darker base, I started with a paler layer paint, and then applied only a green wash. I specifically didn’t want to use the sepia tone on the skin to keep it green and bright. I then applied yellow highlights, before glazing down to green, and then reapplying a small amount of yellow. I’m much happier with this end result!

First completed batch…
And right on their tails, the second completed batch


I also finished the Goliath Ganger who have been chipping away at periodically. There’s less contrast in the skin tone than the other Goliath’s I’ve worked on, but I think it’s still not a bad job; I quite like the slightly sickly skin tone.

I’m particularly pleased with the base, although not quite as good as the first Goliath base I produced, it’s a step up from the second. They look pretty cool as a group so far though.

Rewards for Meeting the 100 Model Milestone

I have a lot of unpainted models, like all hobbyists, however you do have to reward yourself with a milestone, so I popped down to Too Fat Goblinz (the nearest Local Game Store to me), and picked up a few new toys!

I love the character of the new Goblins (or whatever Age of Sigmar calls them now), so I picked up the Nightvault set to paint. They look like some really fun, quick to do models.

The second models I’ve picked up were a bit of a splurge; some Adeptus Titanicus. I already have an unbuilt Warlord and an unbuilt Reaver, but with the Grand Master box, and a box of Warhounds, that brings me to a total of 3 Warlords(!), a Reaver, 2 Warhounds and 6 Knights. That’s without included some sweet little buildings too.

I’ve already started building one of the Knights, cute little bugger that he is!


NecromundaGoliath Ganger1110 Week 24
ZombicideToxic City Mall Zombies7109 Week 24
ZombicideToxic City Mall Zombies7102Week 24
Lord of the RingsMordor Orcs495Week 19
ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Josh the Thug191Week 14
ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Amy the Goth190Week 14
ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Ned the Conspiracy Theorist189Week 13
NecromundaGoliath Ganger188Week 12
ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Doug the Office Worker187Week 12
ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Phil the Cop186Week 12
ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Wanda the Waitress185Week 11
ZombicideSeason 1 Abomination184Week 10
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies883Week 9
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies875Week 8
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies867Week 7
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies859Week 6
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies851Week 5
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies843Week 4
Lord of the RingsMordor Orc Archers235Week 4
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies833Week 3
Zombicide Season 1 Zombies 825Week 2
Lord of the RingsWarrior of Minas Tirith117Week 1
Zombicide Expansion #1 Walk of the Dead 151Week 1
Lord of the Rings Frodo (Fellowship of the Ring) 11Week 1