Weekly Round Up – 2019 – Week 21

Unpopular opinion; painting Primaris marines is boring!

I’ve switched things up and decided to start on a Goliath Ganger, a far more characterful sculpt and more interesting to work upon. To try and get back into the groove, I’ve also decided to break open the Zombicide Toxic City Mall box and prepare some zombies for the next couple of weeks.


The Necromunda models are some of my favourite sculpts. I’ve only painted two Goliath’s so far, but I really enjoy working on them. I’ve decided to paint the skin on the next one a little differently, using a slightly pinker skin tone than I usually do.

This week saw me basecoat and make first starts in both highlights and shading.


I had a lot of fun painting Zombicide to a “board game” standard at the beginning of the year. There’s something really liberating about painting to a quicker, simpler standard without getting too bogged down in the details, and saving the fancier techniques for the Abomination and survivors.

With that in mind, I cracked open the Toxic City Mall box set, and started preparing the toxic zombies.

One thing I learned from the last few Zombicide miniatures I painted was that I found that gluing basing substrate to the bases directly tended to not stick very well. On my survivors, where I glued the sand to the base without first having any primer, I found it lifted off; a problem I did not have with the zombies. This could have either been a consequence of mold release lubricant still being on the miniatures, or more likely just the PVA on the plastic directly.

As painting the basing substrate with a brush is a right pain in the balls, I didn’t want to go through it again, so I did want to apply the substrate prior to airbrushing the primer. To avoid the trouble I had before, I washed the miniatures in washing up liquid the day before, glued on the substrate, and then airbrushed the primer. It will be interesting to see if this sticks better this time. I may still seal the basing substrate with some watered down PVA to further keep it in place.

Preparation work is really boring, especially in bulk, however having a big batch of models primed and ready to paint is a good way to ensure I make some progress next week.

I’m planning to batch paint this set as one of each sculpt each week. Each week’s batch painted with a different clothing colour.

The skin will be painted in a green, highlighted up to a particularly bright green (Moot Green), and then highlights of yellow to really look toxic. I may paint the base in the same way, but I’m undecided yet on that step!


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