Weekly Round Up – 2019 – Week 19

I’m currently pet sitting, so as the cockatiel needs to be out of her cage pretty much whenever I’m in the house, I’ve had hardly any hobby time at all. In fact last week I didn’t even go into the hobby room!

However this week I did have a spare half hour to do something.

Lord of the Rings

All I managed to do this week was finish off the four Mordor Orcs I started a couple of weeks ago.

There’s not really much to say here as they’re just a few quick models using very, very basic techniques – however I think the overall effect is not bad.


Lord of the RingsMordor Orcs495Week 19
ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Josh the Thug191Week 14
ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Amy the Goth190Week 14
ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Ned the Conspiracy Theorist189Week 13
NecromundaGoliath Ganger188Week 12
ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Doug the Office Worker187Week 12
ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Phil the Cop186Week 12
ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Wanda the Waitress185Week 11
ZombicideSeason 1 Abomination184Week 10
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies883Week 9
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies875Week 8
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies867Week 7
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies859Week 6
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies851Week 5
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies843Week 4
Lord of the RingsMordor Orc Archers235Week 4
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies833Week 3
Zombicide Season 1 Zombies 825Week 2
Lord of the RingsWarrior of Minas Tirith117Week 1
Zombicide Expansion #1 Walk of the Dead 151Week 1
Lord of the Rings Frodo (Fellowship of the Ring) 11Week 1