Weekly Round Up – 2019 – Week 17

Another week with no completed miniatures, with mainly some more focus on painting my Iron Man Primaris, and just to mix things up and keep myself ticking over I also started some Lord of the Rings miniatures.

Warhammer 40k

This week I’ve only been chipping away a little on my Primaris models. I’ve not had the most productive week, focusing on some of the smaller details and highlights is slow progress.

This week I highlighted parts of the armour, and started on the Aquila, and the pouches, packs and holsters.

The plan is to make the centre of the belt as an arc reactor (the thing in Iron Man’s chest that powers his armour), so I started with a basecoat of blue and will highlight it up to white. I’ll do the same with the big round plate on the backpack when I get to it.

I’ve realised that I’d have been better off attaching the backpack before painting, so my plan for the next batch is to at least attach the backpack before priming and basecoating.

Please excuse the varying quality of the WIP photographs here; this particular scheme (being metallic based) depends very much on the lighting, and it’s been pretty inconsistent this week!

Lord of the Rings

As I’m taking my time with the Primaris miniatures, I wanted a couple of “quick to paint” / “fast and loose” models to keep my interest by seeing some progress.

I have a number of Lord of the Rings Mordor Orcs already undercoated and ready to paint, which are the easiest miniatures to get started with as they’re very much “on hand”.

The plan with these models is rather than focusing on details, it’s about overall look. With the Lord of the Rings movies being quite grounded (well as grounded as magic rings, orcs and stuff like that can be!), I can paint them with a subdued colour scheme and they’ll fit in with the look and feel of the movies the models are based on.

Quickly painted the basecoats, washed and have added some highlights. Not many WIP photographs for these as they are so fast to do!


Total is still frozen on 91 miniatures for the year. I’m beginning to think that I need to pull my finger out 🙂

ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Josh the Thug191Week 14
ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Amy the Goth190Week 14
ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Ned the Conspiracy Theorist189Week 13
NecromundaGoliath Ganger188Week 12
ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Doug the Office Worker187Week 12
ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Phil the Cop186Week 12
ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Wanda the Waitress185Week 11
ZombicideSeason 1 Abomination184Week 10
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies883Week 9
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies875Week 8
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies867Week 7
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies859Week 6
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies851Week 5
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies843Week 4
Lord of the RingsMordor Orc Archers235Week 4
ZombicideSeason 1 Zombies833Week 3
Zombicide Season 1 Zombies 825Week 2
Lord of the RingsWarrior of Minas Tirith117Week 1
Zombicide Expansion #1 Walk of the Dead 151Week 1
Lord of the Rings Frodo (Fellowship of the Ring) 11Week 1