Weekly Round Up – 2019 – Week 16

This week has been my least productive hobby week in 2019, but I have still been working on a few things. I’m fine with the lack of progress though, as it’s nice to just take my foot off the accelerator, and take my time with a few models.

Warhammer 40k

Following on from the feedback last week over on my poll on Twitter, I’ve decided to push on with the metallic base coat and coloured glaze method.

I’ve refined the approach slightly, starting with a black primer undercoat (rather than a zenithal primer), followed by a metallic black, then gun metal applied from a 45 degree angle, and finally a top down aluminium metal. All the paints from Vallejo model air, so they ran through my airbrush beautifully with only a minimum of thinning down.

The glazing isn’t quite as good with Bloodletter as it is with Lamenters Yellow – that goes on really nicely. There have been a lot of layers so far, but I still think a few more are required. I think perhaps one thing I need to try and do is to start applying less of the glaze on the upper parts of the model, so the highlights come through more.

Something I’ve learned is that I’ll have to be very careful applying the Bloodletter so it doesn’t spill over onto the yellow areas as it’s almost impossible to clean up as the yellow is so transparent it doesn’t cover over the Bloodletter at all. I can be less precise with the yellow as if I go over the red there’s pretty much no difference!

I think I’m going to need to mix in a darker wash into the Bloodletter and Lamenters Yellow for the lower portions to add some shading. My plan at the last step for the armour is going to be adding some spot highlights with white.

Scale Model Aircraft

Most of this year has been focused on miniature painting, so although I’d started working on my Spitfire at the turn of the year, I haven’t touched it since.

Given it’s the bank holiday weekend, and the lawns are freshly mowed already, I thought I’d take the chance to pick it up again. The first step was to finish the masking (which I absolutely hate doing!), and then airbrushing on the green areas of the camo. The model camo scheme isn’t “real-world” accurate, but that’s not something I was going for; I just wanted something I liked the look of. Once airbrushed, the masking was peeled off.

I will say there is one satisfying part of masking; the removal! There is something richly enjoyable about peeling away masking tape and masking putty (in my case blu-tac!), and seeing sharp lines, or clean camo being revealed. I was enjoying it so much, I paused after removing the first couple of bits and decided to record a video of it.


No completed models this week. I’m think I might have to get a few simpler, quicker projects on the go to get back into the swing of things. One option is some Lord of the Rings Orcs I have undercoated ready, but I’ve also got the option of preparing Zombicide Toxic City Mall toxic zombies.

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