Weekly Round Up – 2019 – Week 15

It’s not been a particularly productive week; in fact I’ve not even caught up with any photography of the completed Zombicide models yet. I did however get started with some experimentation with a colour scheme and style for my first Primaris Space Marine unit.

Warhammer 40k

I continued experimenting with NMM style armour on the McDonalds marine, but it’s so long winded and the result is so cartoony, that I felt I wanted to switch things up and try and alternative approach at the same time.

This is where I got up to with the NMM version:

With me not really feeling the NMM version, I mixed things up by applying some gun metal to one of the other undercoated Primaris, and then tried using various glazes to add colour.

As I’m not sure which method I prefer, I put up a Twitter poll to float the options and gain some community opinions:

It would appear the majority of people who voted have preferred the glazed colours over metal.

I’m inclined to agree, it feels a little more interesting to me, and it’s less frustrating to do but it doesn’t really have the vibrancy that I was looking for. I suspect this is because I applied the gun metal at a 45 degree angle, so anything that didn’t catch any metallics looks quite strange. It works nicely on the knee pad, but I think to do it properly, I need to apply the gun metal all over, or use a darker metal all over, and then apply the 45 degree zenithal lighter metal to get contrast and a transition before applying the glazes.

And finally, it’s been a while since my last major spillage, but to do it with a glaze – well it would never end well…


Nothing completed this week, which is the first for a while, but I’m OK with my total up to this point this year.

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