Weekly Round Up – 2019 – Week 14

Delayed post from last week – finishing off Zombicide Season 1.


Well, it’s done. The last miniatures from Zombicide Season 1 are now finished. That’s a total of 64 Zombies, an Abomination, and a total of 6 survivors. Not bad for the first quarter of 2019!

Amy was an interesting sculpt with an opportunity to try different colours and a technique I’d not tried before. Not my best work, but still pretty acceptable in my view.

Josh has come out a lot better than I was expecting! The red hoodie, the blue jeans, the face – all things I’m really happy with. I can admit that some of the highlights on the jeans are a little too harsh, but I really enjoyed painting him.

I’m really satisfied with having completed the Season 1 boxed set, and the next step is to take some photographs of the whole group together. Although I hate taking photos, I’m looking forward to seeing them all together.

Warhammer 40k

Now it’s on to something different. Having completed an entire boxed game, I treated myself to some new models – a box of Primaris Intercessors. Although I have a lot of classic Space Marine models, this is my first box of the latest sculpts that GW have put out for the Space Marine line. I much prefer the scale and proportions of the Primaris, even if I don’t quite like their background and force organisation.

Despite having loads of Space Marine models, I’ve not really ever painted that many to completion. I find painting power armour difficult, due to the mostly large flat areas, however I’ve always really wanted to build myself a full Space Marine company just for my collection. Although I really like the colour schemes of existing chapters, I wanted my own, just to be a little different. I decided I wanted to try a kind of “Iron Man” inspired scheme particularly given that Avengers: End Game is soon to be released in cinemas. To that end, I thought I’d start testing out colour schemes, methods and techniques.

Perhaps I should have started this out with some basic old models from my collection first for test pieces rather than the new ones, but it’s nice to try out the new sculpts for size!

The intention was to use a coloured NMM and really push myself, but it’s hard and slow going. It’s worth it as an experiment, but it’s not feeling particularly fun at the moment.

The initial basecoat was applied, but it’s all a bit cartoony for my taste – in fact all I can see when look at the scheme is “McDonalds”! With some of the NMM effects applied to the shin it looks a little better, but I’m not convinced it feels worth it yet. I shall persevere with it next week, but I may very well start seeking alternative techniques.


ZombicideSeason 1 Survivor: Josh the Thug191Week 14
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