Weekly Round Up – 2019 – Week 13

Week 13; unlucky for some? Not for me, I’ve completed another Zombicide survivor!


This week I started and finished Ned the Conspiracy Theorist. I haven’t taken the final photographs, but he’s done I promise!

I’m particularly pleased with the end result of Ned. He’s a cool sculpt with plenty of little details, and the layered clothing he has means I could paint different fabrics and colours in comparison to say Doug and Phil who are both a little simpler.

I’ve also had a big start on Amy whilst waiting for layers and shade to dry on Ned. It’s funny because the basecoats on Amy came together rapidly so I’ve made more progress than I’d have anticipated. I have tried to push myself out of my comfort zone with Amy by attempting to paint fishnet stockings. The one leg has come out particularly well, but the other was definitely not up to the same standard. I decided to chicken out of posting a pic without first adding some blood spatter to remove the worst of the mess on the one leg.

I suspect I’ll have her done early next week too.

Pretty much all basecoating completed in the first painting session
Shading applied
During drying times, I started on Amy the Goth!
Initial highlights on Ned
Finishing off Ned
Trying fishnet stockings on Amy

Warhammer 40k

With all the excitement of the release of the new sculpt of Abaddon the Despoiler, I couldn’t resist breaking out my old metal Abaddon model who’s been partially built for a few years, but never got close to getting a coat of primer, let alone on the painting desk.

The old Abaddon model is a classic; yes it has flaws especially with proportions (seemingly stumpy arms, and short torso being the worst of it), for me it’s a piece of Games Workshop history, and I always wanted to paint and build one. The funny thing is, I’m quite sure that I purchased this particular model over a decade ago, in fact I can’t remember when I picked him up and he’s spent a long time moving from box to box and container to container.

Well, I knew that the flaws in the model was going to put me off building him as standard, and whilst extending the torso would be too big a mission given he’s a metal model, I knew I’d be able to extend the arms by inserting some forearms as the weapon hands and wrists are separate. I ransacked some of my collection of other kits, deciding to chop up a couple of Assault Terminator arms, and pinned them in place. They feel pretty solid (in fact I think more solid than they did as standard!), and although now the arms are a little too long in comparison the shrunken torso if looked at too closely, I think the overall look and silhouette of the model is improved.

I’m painting the head separately to the body, but I’ve decided to attach the arms before starting as I wanted to make sure if any filling was required it could be done prior to painting!

I’ve tried to mimic the new models pose a little in terms of the direction of the Talon of Horus; I’m definitely going to pick up the new model, so this one can serve a little as a practice piece as well as a piece for my personal collection.

Extending Abaddon’s forearms
Arms attached and primed ready for painting


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