Weekly Round Up – 2019 – Week 12

More Zombicide season 1 survivors completed, and also finishing off the slow burner Goliath Ganger.


Finished off Phil the Cop this week. I managed to wonky up one of his eyes, and find it so amusing I’ve kept it the way it is!

Phil has clearly seen some horrible sights during the apocalypse given that stare!

Working on and completed Doug the Office worker this week. He’s a cool model, with a lot of character. I wasn’t sure how to approach his glasses, so rather than try and paint the eyes, I’ve left them shaded instead. I tried something a little different with applying blood spatter, which initially was a right mess (I literally had to put the model under a running tap to clean it off!).


My second Necromunda Goliath has been a slow burner project whilst working on all the Zombicide zombies. I love these new Games Workshop sculpts, they aren’t splattered with unnecessary gaudy details, but are still packed with character.

I messed up the attachment of the gun at the wrists (it just didn’t seem to line up properly), and I had to admit defeat in hiding the join perfectly, but it’s passable.

One thing I couldn’t tolerate however was that after taking all the photos and getting them on my laptop to white balance I found that I’d forgotten to drill out the gun barrel, and it looked terrible, particularly given how wide the gun barrel is. I decided I couldn’t handle leaving it like that, so I drilled it out and retook all the photographs… and I can’t say how annoying I find trying to do miniature photography as it’s something well out of my skillset and I haven’t dedicated the time to learn how to do it well.

Unfortunately the pics aren’t quite in focus, so I may end up redoing them **again**, but that’s all I’ve got the patience for today, and golden hobby rule applies; if it’s no longer fun, stop doing it.


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