Weekly Round Up – 2019 – Week 10

With all of the season one zombies, complete, this week saw me take the chance to work on to the Abomination and the first survivor. Slower progress, but more interesting after weeks of painting the same sculpts!


I’m still painting Zombicide Season 1, but last week saw me complete the last batch of zombies, so I can paint the other models!

Yes, you read that correctly, I’ve finally moved on from the same 8 sculpts of zombies that I’ve been painting for most of the year.

Although the regular zombies are nice sculpts for what they are, ultimately painting the same miniatures over and over again starts to feel like a grind regardless of how much you experiment with colour schemes. Now that I’m able to move on to the remaining special miniatures in the season one box is a little more fun.

Lesson to be learned here: rather than paint all of the zombies, I should have painted a batch of 8, then painted a survivor, then the next batch of 8 to keep things more interesting, rather than saving the survivors to the end!


This week saw me paint the Abomination, which is an interesting sculpt and stands a head bigger than than the other zombies as well as having grotesquely swollen shoulders, along with spikes sticking out of the flesh.

I wanted to go for a dark, moody model, that fit with the rest of the zombies, but I wanted him to have few touches to stand out above them beyond his size, choosing to use bright green spikes rather than paint them bone coloured.

He actually came together really quickly in the end. I won’t say he “paints himself”, but it has lots of interesting details, and doesn’t suffer quite as much with soft details / molding problems as the regular zombies do (disclaimer: the regular zombies aren’t “bad”, just there is variation between the zombies in the set, and in some cases you see things like soft detailed feet on some of them). I particularly like the torn clothing, it’s very easy to highlight to look interesting.

Basecoats and washes
First set of highlights applied
Detailing muscle striations and glazing over them to tone things down
Finishing him off!

Survivors: Wanda

I’ve been really looking forward to painting the “living” models in the Zombicide Season 1 set; there’s a lot of interesting variation between the models in the set, lots of great character, and following some interesting pop-culture tropes.

I particularly like that some of the models I can spot their pop-culture reference, but I started with the model I don’t get the reference too, but is different to anything I’ve ever painted before: Wanda.

Wanda is unlike I’ve ever painted before, given I’ve never actually painted a female sculpt (I think a female zombie doesn’t count!), and she’s also a roller-skate waitress! I wanted to paint her in the same style as the box art, but rather than a turquoise I’ve chosen a pale blue as the main colour of her dress.

After applying the basecoat and an initial shade, I spotted a pretty horrific moldline on the legs, that I just couldn’t leave, so ended up having to clean up and re-paint where the paint had been removed. I don’t like doing that as it’s frustrating, but some moldlines you just can’t overlook.

It’s really nice to paint something different, and I’m pleased with how quick she’s coming together.


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