Weekly Round Up – 2019 – Week 23

More Toxic City Mall Zombies continued, and something a little different!


I started this week by working on the basing of last weeks Toxic City zombies. They aren’t quite finished yet as I do have to paint the eyes and also add the Droid Workshop logo to the base rim. The first batch is very much a bit of an experiment and discovering the style I want.

The basing style is a bit rough, and almost like an old school goblin green grass style – but I really wanted something that looked “toxic” without having to do too much work. I’ll persevere with it for now and I’ll see if it comes out any better with the second batch.

I wasn’t particularly happy with the first set of Zombicide Toxic City Mall zombies, the skin was a little too dark, so they looked more like some kind of frog / toad mutants than having toxic flesh!

That being said, the basic idea was OK, I just needed to improve on the execution. My aim for all Zombicide zombies was to paint the models in what I term my “board game standard”; essentially basecoat, highlight, and then overall wash before finishing off the base. I liked the effect this approach had for regular zombies, but this hasn’t quite worked for the Toxic zombies, so for the second batch I’ve had to put more work into the skin. This means I’m not going to be able to churn out a batch every week, but will instead have to accept it’ll take a little longer. It is what it is!

Second Batch

Learning from my mistakes with the first batch of Toxic zombies, I’ve gone for a paler basecoat, using Skarsnik green. This is much thinner as it’s layer paint rather than a base paint. It’s a lot paler when it’s applied, which I prefer and looks more toxic which is what I was going for.

The clothing was painted blue for jeans, and orange for coats and tops. The sepia wash was applied to the clothing as usual to dirty them up.

Once that layer has been applied, a green wash was applied (rather than an overall sepia wash), to keep the intensity of the green. Then yellow was applied as a highlight, before another green wash to smooth the transitions and bring the highlights down a notch, before applying the yellow highlights only to the lumps and spikes.

Lunch Time Hobbying – Bandai Star Wars Vehicle Model Series A-Wing

As momentum has slowed down significantly since I completed the Season 1 Zombicide boxed game, and I don’t seem to have much additional painting time to work with, I made the decision to start building some other models over lunch at work.

I didn’t want to do any painting at the office, as that’s too much of a pain, but I can certainly build some kits. To start with, I don’t want anything too big or complex, as after my lunchtime walk and after I’ve eaten, I will only have around 15 minutes to progress the kit. To work in that time frame, I thought I might as well work on one of the tiny Bandai Vehicle Model series kits, of which I have several. The first I thought I’d go for, is the A-Wing.

This box is interesting because the model is tiny. In fact it’s so small, the set comes with two A-Wing’s. I’ve decided to build them individually, but I haven’t decided how I want to display them yet (whether together, or separately), but there’s plenty of time yet to make that decision.

It’s a very simple kit and comes together beautifully – I get the feeling I could just take the kit of the sprue, but them in the box, shake it up and it’ll come together itself!

In the end I decided to glue the parts together, even though it is a snap kit, using a paperclip to apply the glue so as not to over apply the glue. By the end of the week, the build phase of the first A-Wing was completed.