WIP: Ork Boyz

On Sunday, I thought I’d switch over to painting some 40k, some Ork boyz to be exact.  After painting a Mordor Orc, and trying a more realistic, muted palette (yes, yes I know, how is an “Orc” realistic!), I fancied trying something a little more vibrant.

Before I continue, I ought to set the scene a little.  Although I’ve always liked the Ork aesthetic in the 40k universe, I never really had any interest in painting them at all – that is until I picked up the Assault on Black Reach boxed game many moons ago.  I purchased this because I saw it as a cheap way to get a bunch of Space Marine models, and the latest rulebook (although I never intended to play, or have ever played the game!).  This boxed game came with a ton of Orks too, I thought I could use them as practice,  However I found that they appealed to be more than I expected, and I quickly placed a few orders for some other units that I liked the look of.  I really like the appearance of a big horde of Orks, so I very much wanted to get a sample of each type of Ork unit and model, just for the flavour.  I painted the first model, using it to decide the colour scheme, painted the next following a process that I could use to batch paint, and then batch painted the next three for a set of 5.  I then started the next five, and then… well that’s exactly where they remained.  For a number of years, until one day I’d added too much primer to my airbrush, and rather than waste it, I decided to respray the 5 half finished models, and start again.

Well now it’s time for the Orks moment in the sun!

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