Showcase Galleries

I’ve taken the decision to start with to arrange my models by year, rather than categorise them by genre, type or any other category that I could think of. I’m hoping that by organising by year, I’ll be able to demonstrate progress in terms of skill, technique and final result, but I won’t hold my breath!

The eagle-eyed amongst you, or at least those of you who can count at least, will notice that there is a big gap between the work I did in 2014, and then picking up painting again in 2017. I didn’t really take an intentional break from the hobby during this time, it’s just what happened. Despite having a dedicated hobby space in my house, I just didn’t motivate myself to actually do anything during that time of my life – quite literally I’d say I wanted to do some painting, but just never did any! I’ve changed my approach since then, and put together this website, blog and twitter account all to try and keep the momentum whenever there is any.

Please follow the links below to see the gallery of completed models arranged by year.