Model and Miniature Painting

Why No Progress?


Chances to Paint Limited

Unfortunately, life has got in the way a little towards the end of this weekend that has inhibited my painting time.  I’m currently “pet-sitting” for my parents who have on holiday for a few days.  The pet in question is Indy the Cockatiel, who because I’m at work all day, really needs to be let out in the evening, and to have some attention.

The Real Indy the Cockatiel

The reason I can’t paint this weekend

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WIP: Walk of the Dead Zombie 1 Part 1


Walk of the Dead

I was getting a little fed up with painting brown (yes I know, after only half a model), so I thought I’d switch things up and paint something a bit different tonight,

I could hear some shuffling and groaning from the corner of my hobby room, and looking over to the other end of my desk I spotted a zombicide season 1 walk of the dead zombie.  He’d been sitting partially worked on for a while, so I took the chance to push him on a few further steps.

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WIP: First Mordor Orc Part 1


First Work In Progress 2017

It’s taken a while, but I put brush to paint to plastic over the last few evenings for pretty much the first time this year.  I have a small collection of Lord of the rings models from Games Workshop that I’ve mostly never even touched (mostly purchased from eBay), sat in plastic crates and boxes.  Thanks to “The Two Towers” being played on loop on Sky Movies one weekend (my favourite of the Lord of the Rings movies), I was tempted to break some out and start work on them.

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First Miniatures on CoolMiniOrNot


Images on CoolMiniOrNot

Boy do I love looking at this site.  Boy do I have a serious case of envy when I look at this site.  Boy do I not want to never pick up a paintbrush when I look at this site…

I can safely say that probably my most favourite part of the hobby is looking at the completed models done by other people.  I think there are some models and artists out there who produce things that are just incredible and at such an impossibly small scale, if I could manage to even come close to the average painter on that site, I’d be a happy dude!

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Ork Boyz from 2013


Basic Black Reach Orc Boyz

These were the almost the last miniatures I completed, painted from back in 2013.  I’m putting them up here firstly so I have some content, but secondly because really I think it’s always important to have a starting point to look back at, even if you’re not that happy with the results.

Even though it was a number of years ago, I wrote down details of the process so I could remember.

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Painting in Acrylics: “Yoda the Cat”


A Birthday Present

In March and April, I had the creative urge again.

It also conincided with one of my friends birthdays, so I decided to take the plunge and see if I could paint something for them.  I must say I wasn’t entirely comfortable with this, as I didn’t know if it would be any good, or whether they would indeed want something I’d made them… with that in mind I also picked the up a couple of small traditional gifts in case!

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“An Evening View of the Empire State”


Trying Something New

In December 2016, the friend who inspired me to create this blog and I went to the Jackfield Tile Museum for an afternoon.

Jackfield gives you the chance for a small fee to design and paint your own tile by hand, which they will then bake and either post it to you or pick it up a few days later.

It was a lovely day out and I found it very relaxing to do.  We spent the morning drawing our designs before my friend and I took the short trip to Jackfield (only getting a little lost, which was for us nothing short of a miracle!), and spent the rest of the morning and the afternoon creating our tiles.

I chose a simplified design of the Empire State Building, whereas my friend was for more ambitious and planned to create a bonsai tree.  Whilts at the museum we met one of her friends who was a regular tile creator himself, who had become quite the expert.  An invaluable resource for us first-timers!

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