New Model Alert!

More Model Purchases

Today a new model was dropped off by my parents after I had a delivery sent over to them.  It came in a big box from Amazon.  This generally is full of packaging, so imagine my surprise when I opened the outer packaging and saw this:

Revell Imperial Star Destroyer

I purchased this on a whim, without knowing too much about it.  It was not cheap.  I saw the size, and took a gamble that this was a Revell re-box of the Zvezda Star Destroyer.  Looking at pictures of the kit online, I’m pretty sure it is, but I haven’t been able to confirm 100% in writing anywhere.  Even if it isn’t, it looks great in the box, and it is absolutely huge!

This is something going into the stash, and is not going to be one I work on in the short term, but it’s one I think will be really awesome.

I’ve always loved the shape and design of the Star Destroyer – I’m pretty sure it’s one of several Star Wars spaceships that pretty much started my obsession with models and miniatures!

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