Hobby Year in Review 2017

Hobby Year Summary

This year was finally the year that I decided to push on and work on my hobbies.  A close friend of mine has significantly inspired me to focus on doing things that I WANT to do, above just doing the things that I feel I HAVE to do.

This was a big step for me from a personal development point of view, and this shift in mindset was critical to me getting going.

I thought now would be as good a time as any to make a quick note of the top 5 most important hobby things I’ve done this year.

1. Finished First Models in Years

This is obviously the biggest change – I’ve actually painted and completed some models!  Seems like a really daft and basic thing to say, but I’ve managed to plan to paint for years without actually doing any.  This year that changed.

It started with a a order Mordor Orc, followed by my first Zombicide zombie, before painting my best model yet, a Dwarf Slayer. I closed off the year by a slight change with an X-Wing and finally a Space Wolf Blood Claw

2. Experimenting with New Techniques

Getting over the fear was an important part of experimenting with new techniques.  Fear of ruining an expensive model was holding me back, but this year I acknowledged this was the reason (rather than blaming being “too busy”), and got down to doing some actual painting!

These techniques included creating a wet palette, transferring paint into dropper bottles, and using my Windsor and Newton brushes that I was “saving them until I’m ready to do it properly”.

I also started using an airbrush, which was new to me, although I only use this basically for priming and basecoating, it’s a great way to quickly get a smooth thin base to start from.

3. Painting Regularly

In October, I painted more regularly than ever before.  Things dipped a little in December, as things got a little stressful and busy at work, and obviously the Christmas break also taking priority.

Even though most evenings I could only commit to an hour of painting, this was enough to help push me to completing a few models.  I’m going to continue with this in the New Year.


4. Hobby Blog Started

I’ve wanted my own hobby blog for a long time, but I’ve just never took the plunge, always avoiding committing to hosting, domain name registration and setting up the website.

This year I finally stopped making excuses, and set it all up.  I try to post any or all progress, even if it’s minimal, as it helps keep me motivated.

5. Coolminiornot Forum Posts and Submissions

This was a bit of a strange one.  I’ve had an account on Coolminiornot for a few years, and looked at the gallery for insipiration, I never posted.  I’ve got a real mind block on posting to forums, so this was quite hard for me to do initially.  I’m fine with it now though!   It has helped me remain motivated, even though I haven’t really contributed to other people’s threads yet.


I wrote this post without having much sleep, so apologies if it doesn’t make sense!

I hope you all had a great 2017, and a better 2018!