WIP: Space Wolf Blood Claw Part 1

With the slayer done, I wanted to move on to something a little different, so I’ve gone back to my first ever 40k faction; the Space Wolves.

I have quite a lot of Space Wolves models, some going back to 2nd edition, but I’m going to start with some Blood Claws from I believe 3rd edition.  This was a time when really, the Space Wolves were really just a set of regular space marines, plus a faction specific sprue.  As I want my Space Wolves to be quite wolfy, I need to customise these model a little to fit the aesthetic I want.

The plan is that the more experienced and more heroic the pack or model, the more wolfy bits they need to have.  That means the Blood Claws, as the most junior pack, need the least amount of wolfy bits, but they still need something to tie in with the rest of the collection.

Sculpting Wolf Tails

Full disclosure, I am totally not a sculptor.  However, working on the slayer had taught me to give new techniques and challenges a go!

Easiest thing in the world to sculpt I think is a wolf tail, and is something I first tried a few years ago.  That time I used green stuff, this time I broke out the Milliput, as I have loads of it.

Milliput I found harder to work with for this purpose, but once I figured out an easy way to do it.  Basically out, I clip a short bit of paper clip, and stick it into a cork.  Then I rolled out a sausage of Milliput, and stick it onto the paperclip.  Then, using a metal sculpting tool, I jab the Milliput with the tool, and tease out little strands until it starts to look like fur.  The more haphazard and random I jab it, the more realistic I think it looks.

The wolf tail production line

This is left to cure for 24 hours, and the next day, I make a much smaller, thinner sausage, and then wrap this around the top end of the tail.  As the Milliput isn’t sticky, I roughly position this using my fingers, pinching it do it sticks, and the smooth out fingerprints and shape using a sculpting tool.  Again, this is then left to cure for 24 hours.

Adding a wolf tail to a bolt gun

Once the wolf tail is completely cured, I drill a hole into the handle of a bolt pistol, and then slide the other end of the paperclip into the hole with a spot of superglue.

I dumbly drilled too far, so drilled through to the other side accidentally, so I had to fill the hole in at the top of the Boltgun.

The tail is a bit big in comparison to those that come with kits, however, it will definitely do the job.

Thanks for visiting folks.