WIP: Space Wolf Blood Claw Part 8

Experimenting with Glazes and Layering

Decided to experiment a little with glazing on the Blood Claw. ┬áThe original idea was to lay down basecoats and transitions with the airbrush, but I found it looked “too airbrushed” and crude, so by the time I broke out the brush, I couldn’t resist trying to glaze and layer.

Glazing and Layering

Mostly just working with “The Fang” and “Russ Grey”, extremely thinned down with water, and applied with a size 0 brush with a good point.

The trick seems to be moving the paint towards where you want the pigment to end up.  This means kind,of dragging the pigment towers the high points for highlights, and dragging the pigment to crevices and armour joins for shadows.

I’m certainly only just now learning the technique, and my application of it is a little clumsy, but I can kind of understand how it might work, and it may be a technique I can try and practice.

Oh and I also basecoated eye lenses, which I almost forgot!


As usual, the traditional ropey WIP pictures.

Slowly chipping away really!