WIP: Space Wolf Blood Claw Part 5

Colour Scheme Mind Change

After a day of no painting on Wednesday, I popped into the hobbice (hobby / office), and took a look at where I had got to with the Blood Claw.  Although I’d only changed the panel lines to blue on the body, I already preferred how it looked, and was feeling happier with the model.

Messy Highlights

The attempted blended highlights, and edge highlights are still too rough, but that’s ok as a start point.

I’m going to need to rework this as I go, hopefully trying to do some glazing, and I need to watch some tutorials online to understand better how to achieve this.  I think whenever I’ve tried it before, I rarely get the glaze consistency right, and even when I do, I seem to load the brush too heavily.  I’m hoping once I understand the technique better, I can try it out, make a mess but see how it works, and then refine my own technique to achieve a reasonable result.  That’s the plan anyway!

Boring Colours

My main concern really now was just that I didn’t  quite like the colour scheme as it was a little boring.  I think the main reason it looked a little uninteresting, was simply because the dark grey weapons just didn’t really bring anything to the party.  I have a bit of a think about expecting weapons to look realistic colour wise, so often choose metals and black/greys, however I just wasn’t feeling it in this case.

Thinking back to the Space Wolves of my youth, they were carriers of the famous bright red boltguns and chainswords that were the style at the time.  When you think about it too much it’s a ridiculous colour choice for weapons, however for a splash of variant colour (the model will be mostly blue grey, brass and metal with a little fur), I thought I’d give it a stab.  Low and behold, I actually prefer the ridiculous in this case!  After all how realistic a weapon is a chainsword and a pistol that fires rocket propelled bullets one handed anyway from an 8 foot dude wearing a suit of powered armour!

Already now liking it more:

Only achieved a basecoat so far as it took a few layers to get smooth, using Mephiston Red.  One side of the chainsword is a bit grainy from the paint stripper which I can see prominently under the light, but it’s not too bad.  Certainly good enough for a test colour scheme model.

I’m off to the cinema in Telford this weekend with a friend, so I would anticipate little painting or updates will happen for a few days, so maybe Sunday will be the next update, assuming there isn’t too much good football on!