WIP: Space Wolf Blood Claw Part 3

Sometimes Things Just Don’t Go to Plan

Well that hasn’t gone very well!

Started the morning wrestling with airbrush clogs, followed by clumsily applies shadows with a questionable colour choice.  I made up a 50:50 mix of Naggaroth Night and The Fang with a few drops of airbrush thinner, and applied this to some choice areas.  And by choice area, I mean splattering and spidering everywhere.

This is my own fault, too thin paint, too much paint at too high a pressure and too close to the model.  Yep, needless to say I wasn’t very happy.

Cleaning Up

I cleaned out the airbrush after the terrible shadows were applied, and once reassembled, set about cleaning up the mess on the model.

A blast of some Russ Grey, applied very gently, smoothed out the mess, and I was once again back to a point I was relatively OK with.

I moved on to the right shoulder pad, masking the arm and chainsword, and airbrushed on the yellow for the pack marking. For this I used Averland Sunset, followed by Yriel Yellow, and finally a highlight with Flash Gitz Yellow. A thin line of Casendora Yellow was added to the join between the trim and the shoulder pad. This looked OK.

With the airbrush work now done, I broke out the hairy brushes, and I tidied up the overspray where my haphazard masking allowed some through.

After this dried, I decided I wasn’t too happy with the purple for shading, it just wasn’t having the effect I wanted, but thought I’d persevere anyway.  I then applied Druchii Nightshade wash into the panel lines.  Once again, this wasn’t applied neatly enough, so there was a few  places where this was appearing where I didn’t want.

I added a Mechanicus Standard Grey coat to all the piping and armour joints, before applying a wash of Nuln Oil.

Finally, I decided I wanted to try out some edge highlighting on the armour, for which I used Fenrisian Grey.  I did this clumsily too!

Not my best work

At this point, I didn’t think I was going to do anymore good today, so decided to accept defeat, lick my wounds and come back to fight another day!

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