WIP: Space Wolf Blood Claw Part 2


Applies the undercoat via airbrush, using my usual zenithal highlighting approach.  As I’ve kept the model I’m sub assemblies, I made a conscious decision over where the light source was going to be and how the model would go together to get the light in the correct places.

I’ve not taken any work in progress shots at this stage, as there’s nothing too interesting about it.


First bascoat is just to get the basic colour tone as I want it. I’ve always disliked the fact that the GW official colour scheme couldn’t really be easily replicated with their old paints.  At least I couldn’t replicate it!

My aim here was to try for the traditional ice blue Wolves, so the base coat would start with using the GW recommended paints.  I wasn’t going to worry too much about proper shading or highlighting at this stage, I just wanted the subtle natural shading and highlighting from the primer to show through, and I wanted it to be smooth, and thin to show off the detail.

The photos are less blue than the models are in real life – they look a little too grey in these photos.

As a little aside, I’m going to be taking WIP photos with my iPad for the time being to reduce photography set-up / tear down and picture processing.  The aim is to spend more time painting, and less time faffing about.

Basecoat is a reasonable starting point, though the coat is so thin, I can see where I shaved off a purity seal on the models right shin, but I hadn’t shaved it flat.  I think I’ll probably convert this into some battle damage later on.

Next stage is to work in some shadows with the airbrush.  Going to go darker than The Fang first layer for the shadows, and will concentrate on areas where the light wouldn’t get to.  My aim is to provide some strong contrast to make things more dramatic.

Once shadows are done, I’m going to see how things lie, and if necessary add another airbrush highlight.

Finally, once shadows and general highlights are in place, I’m going to then add edge highlights on the highest, most extreme edges of armour plates, before working on shoulder pad colours and details.

Paints Used:





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