WIP: Ork Boyz Part 4

No painting on Saturday, this weekend, but I managed to get some in this morning.  I decided I’d block in the basecoats on the model today, as it would help me get the colour balance right.

I’ve been experimenting with painting using a much larger brush than I have done in the past, the theory being a good brush with a good point will mean it doesn’t make it any harder to paint, but having more paint carrying capacity on the brush will mean I don’t have to worry about the brush point drying during painting, which is something I’ve been finding recently.

I’m not yet sold on the red armour plates, but I’m going to persevere with it for now, the plan is to weather them with chipping on the edges to add some interest to something that’s otherwise quite flat.  The copper pistols don’t work, so I’m going to redo them in gun metal instead.

Also tried to take some better photos for a change, as I’m fed up of having terrible photos.  It takes longer to take them, and then sort out the white balance, but I think they look sufficiently better to be worth while.  I’m going to read up more on photography tips going forward to try and get better.  No point neglecting that aspect of the hobby!  If I get the hang of it, I may re-photo all the finished models I’ve done and re-upload them.

On to the pictures:




And now a mob shot: