WIP: Ork Boyz Part 2

The past few days I’ve been spending an hour or so painting in the evening, focusing on the Ork skin.  As with all well planned paint jobs, I’ve found that I wasn’t happy with the recipe – although the colour was vibrant, the highlights were too stark, so I’ve been re-working the skin via glazes and washes.

I’ve been holding off posting as I wasn’t happy with where things were, but in the interests of being active, I thought I’d post where I’d reached.

The refined skin recipe so far as applied so far:

PrimeStynylrez Black
Prime ZenithalStynylrez Grey
Prime ZenithalStynylrez White
Pre-ShadeBiel Tan Green
BasecoatWaaagh Flesh
WashBiel Tan Green
Mid Tone Layer 1Warboss Green
Mid Tone Layer 2Skarsnik Green
First HighlightSkarsnik Green + Flash Gitz Yellow
Final HighlightFlash Gitz Yellow
GlazeAgrax Earthshade

This has wiped out the highlights in the photo below, but I prefer the tone of the colour now in comparison to how it was (no photo of the prior stage I’m afraid!):

Please excuse both the iPad taken photos, and the fact that the Agrax Earthshade is still wet, but I wanted to catch the Liverpool vs Roma Champions League match, so I rushed!

I think the next step is to re-apply the highlights, and maybe add some muscle fibres in to add some interest.


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