WIP: Old School Dwarf Slayer Part 9

First Excuses for Lack of Updates…

I’ve had a busy week, unfortunately not with the brush.  As a Product Owner / Project Manager, sprint change-over week can be a little hectic, particularly if you have a few projects ongoing and you need to demo work to customers.  Although it doesn’t culminate in working additional hours, it’s just hard to keep motivation to hobby when you’ve had a heavy day and you want to commit to doing fitness training in the evenings too.

Now for Progress

Although I’ve been busy, I did still manage to get a little done over the past couple of days – I’ve just preferred to paint over taking photos of progress and posting.

All of the work has been Dwarf Slayer related, and mainly confined to working on the remaining axe-haft, and getting a start on the axe-heads.  I’m a little surprised at how messy my metallic painting has been, I had thought this would be the quicker and easier part!

Also following suggestions on my CMON WIP thread, I took another look at the eyes.  They were messier than I’d liked, but as no-one had commented on them, I thought I could get away with it!  Fortunately, someone mentioned I could spend some time cleaning them up, which concurred with my thoughts and prompted me into some action.

I decided to move away from just dotting a black pupil to instead painting a blue-grey iris to be more interesting.  I used the daftly named citadel paint “The Fang” for this job, and I think although not perfect looks a little better.


Photos have been taken using my new photo booth.  The lighting is quite bright so I used the “Auto” setting on my camera for the first time.  It’s washed out some of my shadows and highlights, so I may need to tweak the settings going forward, but I wanted to post and not fiddle with my cameras settings all night.

From the front view you can see the wood grain on the second axe (a variation style and slightly different colour), and also the axe-head painting.  You may or may not be able to see the blue-grey iris’s too.  There’s not too much difference unless you know what you’re looking for there!


Nothing too different from this side, but including nonetheless!


On the rear, you may be able to see a couple of extra layers have been added to the trousers, the belt has had a highlight, and the axe hafts and axe heads have been moved along.

The gold needs some work, as it’s looking a little flat at the moment.  I did give it a wash, but then reapplyed some highlights, which may have been a little too heavy handed.  Equally it could be the lighting, so I’ll need to take a closer look and see what I can do with it.


The last side.  Again little really to show from here, other than maybe a little of the trousers and axes.

All in all he’s moving along still, but not as quickly as I’d like.

Thanks for visiting folks