WIP: Old School Dwarf Slayer Part 8

Wood Grain… Still

Worked a little more on the wood grain this morning.  Firstly applied a wash of Agrax Earthshade to tone down what I’d done previously.  Once dried, I then highlighted up again with diluted Skrag Brown and then Deathclaw Brown.  Both paints were still in their original GW pots, so some transferring into dropper bottles was necessary, which always eats into painting time.

Today I fiddled with my camera settings after yesterdays horrific photographs, and they’ve come out better, so hopefully the effects are easier to see:


The front view (where I started) doesn’t look quite right to my eyes yet, but it’s certainly starting to move forward, and looks far better than the plain brown on the right axe haft, so I’m pleased with the decision to push on and attempt the effect.

Other Views

The photo of the models right-hand side shows the wood grain effect a little clearer and gives a better picture of what I’m trying to go for:

Right Hand Side

I think that’s enough to motivate me to persevere with the effect.

Rear View

This is my favourite view of the wood grain so far.  I think the thinner, closer together lines helps sell the effect better – so I’m probably going to go back in and layer on a number of additional lines in different varying tones of the brown I’m using (adding a little white or bone, adding a little darker brown) and see if “busying it up” works better.

I’ve also painted what I only presume is a belt with a Dryad Bark basecoat.  This is the same colour used for the boots and pouches.  Will highlight with the same colours as those other bits.

You can also see on this view that I’ve added more white highlights to the trousers.  I’m still not certain whether leaving the black as shading is the way to go.  In small thumbnail pictures the contrast looks quite striking, but closer in, it doesn’t quite look right.  Perhaps mixing up a white with some brown / yellow and shading with that would make a more pleasing effect.  For now though, it’s sufficiently challenging to paint a smooth and white highlight that I’m not going to worry too much until the axe hafts are done!

There’s not a lot to show in the final photo, beyond some small amounts of white highlighting to the trousers – included for completeness:

Left Side

Overall, although slow progress, I think he’s coming together quite nicely now.

Cheers for looking!