WIP: Old School Dwarf Slayer Part 4

Boxing and Painting

Last night my some of my friends came round my house to watch Anthony Joshua’s latest boxing match, which meant Sunday mornings painting session was disrupted with a need to clean up empty beer bottles and pizza boxes.  I set my alarm, so I could get up early and tidy up before getting down to business.

After rushing around, it came to my attention that today is the day that the clocks have gone back an hour, so I actually didn’t need to get up as early!

Once cleared up, I popped to the office and got back on the case with the Dwarf Slayer.

I’d got as far as basecoating the hair when I’d left it last with a quick shading wash, so the first thing to get going with today was some initial highlights.  This was a bit tricky because the hair strands are just so fine, so I started with a quick drybrush, to help me identify where best to place the layered highlights.  I then layered on some further highlights, focusing on the parts of the beard on the belly as this part of the hair stuck out furthest.

Once satisfied with the highlights, I went back in with various washes, and selectively added them to recesses, and around the area I would expect to see shadows.  I’m pleased with the effect this had, and it looks interesting.

Taking a quick photo, I wasn’t quite happy with the shadows on the face which were a little to strong in various places.  I worked back in a bit of the basecoat, just to clean this up a little, and added in the eyes.  The pupils are a little small, and not quite central on both, but I’m OK with where they are.

Finally, I moved on to starting the skin on the models right arm, using the same steps and recipes for the face.

Taking Photos

I’m not an experienced photographer.  In fact I know very little about taking photos, and it normally really shows.  If you want a good photo of something, do not give me the camera!

As a good photo can make all the difference, and a bad one ruin a good paint job, this is another skill I need to work on.  I have a friend who has photography skills (but not specifically in miniature painting), so at some point I’ll ask her for some tips!

Having said the above, with sufficient time, I can at least take a passable picture, and that will have to do for now.

Dwarf Slayer Front

It’s subtle, but from this view you may get a hint of a bit of red in the skin tone on the nose – I was going for a bit of a ruddy nose to try and add so extra variation to the face.  It’s not something I’ve tried before, so it was good to do something a little different.

I experimented with my camera a little, taking advantage of ther being some daylight to work with.  After a few attempts, varying between heavily over and under exposed, I took this last set and with some level balancing using GIMP, I was happy enough with The pictures that they show enough of the shadows and highlights to put up.

I’m really pleased with how he’s progressing.  It’s amazing how motivating having a model you really want to paint on your desk.  I’ve not got much experience painting orange, but I like how this is coming out.  It’s been fun experimenting with a different colour, and given the last model I worked on was quite muted browns and Earth tones.

Dwarf Slayer Right

Unfortunately, you can’t really make out the highlights on the skin of this hand with this photo.  The highlights on the beard at the front show up nicely here, as does the clean up of skin on the face that was originally a bit too strong.

Dwarf Slayer Back

The back highlights are a little muted in the photo, but I’m happy with how the hair has come along.  It’s bright where I want it to be bright, and shaded in the recesses.  Simple techniques but I think come out well.

Yoou can also see the first set of highlights on the models right arm and hand.  The sculpt is a little weird on the arm, I began to wonder if really he’s sculpted wearing a shirt given the way the skin is around the elbow, but I’ve decided it’s just some poorly defined muscle and went ahead with the flesh tone.

Dwarf Slayer Left

Last image is the left side.  I’ve not really done anything with the arm yet on this side, but again from this view you can see the highlights on the beard and moustache, and the work on the skin, so I upload it anyway.

Other Hobby Work

There’s another partially finished model I chipped away at, but I didn’t take any photos of it.  Once I’ve made some meaningful progress on it next week, I’ll stick up a few pictures.

On Thursday, I spotted Amazon were selling a Star Destroyer model by Revell that looked suspiciously like a rebound Zvesda model.  It wasn’t cheap, but I always loved the look of the Star Destroyer, so I took the chance to order one.  It’s coming next week.  As part of the order, I also included some grass tufts, and a new daylight lamp.  The lamp and tufts have arrived now, and I’m particularly hoping that the lamp will help me paint in the evenings now that the evenings are getting darker.

That’s all for now, thanks for visiting.

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