WIP: Old School Dwarf Slayer Part 10

Up to Ten WIP Posts for one Dwarf?!?

So I’ve now reached ten separate posts relating to one dwarf model.  Talk about a slow painter!  Shame the results don’t seem to match the time spent haha

Truth is I’m actually quite happy with how this one is progressing.  I’m learning a whole host of new things, and I’ve certainly tried a lot more techniques than I have previously.  Although I’d like to paint more quickly, at the moment I’m just trying to paint (and post) regularly – so as I don’t have a great deal of painting time, I’d rather make sure I do a little bit as often as I can.

Stripy Trousers

After deciding I wasn’t going to risk doing striped trousers on this dwarf, as is my way, I woke up this morning and after getting ready for the day, I sunk a coffee and resolved to do some stripes anyway!

I started the morning by trying to move away from the black shadows of the trousers by applying some Celstral Grey instead.  This pot of paint I think I watered down in the pot in 2013 when I was last painting, so it’s actually not in good condition, which makes applying it neatly, thinly and accurately a bit challenging.  After I’d done this, I applied a wash of Nuln Oil to smooth things out a bit, and then highlighted again with white scar.

I then jumped across and worked a little more on the axe heads, adding some highlights to the blade edges, before adding some extra shading to the gold, which I felt was lacking intensity and definition.  I then applied a few highlights to the gold too, as it was looking a little too dull.  I did try an do some very thin glazing of Nuln Oil on the lower half of the axe heads to try and add some transition and to stop them looking so flat.  In the thumbnail sized images, this actually looks quite a good effect, so I may try this approach again in future, but with more layers and a bit thinner glazes.  I think the trick is to use the pooling of the wash (which happens more so than usual due to the metallic paint), and making sure it sits at the lower portions of the axe.

I then painted the “jewel” on the one axe using various shades of blue – the colour choice to keep the palette use quite tight (the same blues used for the wrist braid, and the same blues will be used for the trouser stripes).  I added a very subtle dot of white to the top where the light should hit it, but the effect isn’t very noticeable.

Finally I added some stripes.

OK – now for the photos.  As you can see, not too many changes from the front:


Note how I did manage to get some blue on the dwarfs left boot (on the right in the photo).  I actually did notice this during painting and had thought I’d wiped it clean – however as always the photographs reveal the truth!

Finally I then started adding the stripes:


Starting with my least favourite side… it’s a little messier on this side as there wasn’t much space to work with, but you can see it a little here.


I like how the effect looks on this side – other than the blue on the toe of the boot of course.  I think from here, it shows really clearly that it adds more interest to the model than the white did – the blue acts as a real contrasting colour to the warm tones of the skin and the beard – so I’m glad I bit the bullet and gave it a go.


The rear shows the effect the best.  I really felt the back of the model was where I was least happy with the work I’d done, so it was an opportunity to change that around with the stripes.  I was initially going to make the stripes thicker than I have gone with, but as I started to apply them, I actually quite liked the thickness, so decided to keep it this way.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how they’re coming along.  The blue needs some highlighting (and probably some shading in places), and definitely needs cleaning up in some places on the one side and front of the model.

Thanks for visiting folks!