WIP: Mordor Orc

Where Have I Been?

The last few weeks at work have been manic, and I’ve just not had the time, nor the inclination to paint.  That coupled with a few weeks of wanting to do other things (movies, theatre and trips), have seen me shift priorities, and I’ve very much enjoyed spending time with people over the more solitary hobby that painting tends to be for me.

Also, to be frank, I’d become a little bored of painting the Star Wars A-Wing after some quite irritating airbrush bleed, I’d lost all motivation.  I’d even stopped looking at hobby websites for interest, I’d quite literally lost any interest I had.  I think I was feeling a little depressed with everything, so I took a break from hobbies for a bit.

However, I’m now back, and trying to get back into things, and I decided to crack on with working on a fresh model to see if I could get my interest back… so I grabbed an undercoated Mordor Orc, and thought I’d give him a spin.

Trying Not To Repeat Mistakes

Although I was kind of satisfied with my first Mordor Orc, the feedback on it wasn’t too great.  It had been my first completed model for some years (and my first at the slightly smaller and more realistic Lord of the Rings scale), but I had still hoped for better feedback than I received.  The big mistakes I’d made was not thinning my paints sufficiently, and making the highlights far too thick.  It didn’t help my cause choosing a model where the detail is actually quite soft in the first place – but I have a lot of these fellows, so they are good practice miniatures I think.

I started with a very basic basecoat, using the following recipe:

Skin: Waagh Flesh (Citadel)

Shirt: Khorne Red (Citadel)

Bow and Hair: Abaddon Black (Citadel)

Gloves and Skirt: Mournfang Brown (Citadel)

Armour: Gun Metal (Vallejo)

Once again, I think I’ve applied the paint too thickly in places – the paint is very thin, put I’ve probably applied too much.  I applied a basic wash to a few places to bring out some detail, then I’m going to go back in and bring in some more controlled shadows, and then add highlights.

This model is really a “get me back started again” type, I’m going to for fairly quick progress, make some in-roads and just get some practice in.

I think I prefer the colour choices on this one over the previous Mordor Orc I did – the red shirt is more interesting (if a little unlike the colours of Mordor from the movies), as I wanted to do something different than the “brown, brown and more brown” that I attempted with the first Orc.

Anyway, that’s about all I’m going to show write today, just getting the ball rolling again.