WIP: Mordor Orc Part 2


Some minor progress on the Mordor Orc tonight – mostly focused on some simple shading and highlights.

Tonight I mixed in some brown with my Khorne Red and applied some shading into the recesses of the shirt.  I added a drop of Abaddon Black and added this to the deepest recesses.  Evil Suns Scarlett was added to some more Khorne Red, and highlights were added in various spots of the shirt cloth.  If anything I’ve gone a little too far with the highlights on one of the shoulders, which has lost a little bit of the desaturated colour that I was going for.

The skirt was highlighted with Skraag Brown, and Skavenblight Dinge was used to highlight the bow, and any other Abaddon Black areas.

A small line wash was added to the armoured codpiece, but this was applied a little too thickly and needs tidying up.

Most of the work with the highlights and shading looks a little clumsy and scruffy, but he’s OK so far.


I really quite like how the back is coming along, it needs a little work in places, and I need to look at adding variations to the highlights on the sharpest edges to make the stand out, but I think it’s alright so far.

I’ve actually quite enjoyed painting this evening; it was pretty therapeutic and relaxing.  I had a Youtube video playing in the background, but I now feel nicely wound down for the evening!

Unfortunately, I think I have got a bit of an ache in my back and shoulder, which I think is a consequence of sitting at a desk all day, and to paint, so I may start looking into a more comfortable chair for my painting room.

As my rate of painting dropped off a cliff this year compared to October and November last year, I think I’m going to commit to painting at least twice a week in the evening, and for a few hours one day at the weekend.  This is going to be a bit tricky to fit in, but I think once I’m in the habit, I think I’ll really get back into things.

Anyway, off to play a bit of GTA V Online, so I’ll leave the ramblings there.

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