WIP: LOTR Pippin Part 3

Tuesday – glazing to take the starkness from highlights, continuing with highlights where needed, and starting on the face… the face has not gone well!

Firstly, the good.  I’m pleased with how the glazing down of the highlights has removed the starkness of the white.  I think this has worked particularly well on the blue jacket, and I think it’s been an improvement.  Similarly, the highlights on the trousers have now been toned down with the glazing, so I’m happier with the clothes now.

The bad.  The face.  For some reason, I found painting Pippin’s face, really, really tough.  I had some difficulty getting the brush in due to the position of the sword, but even where the sword wasn’t in the way the result is just not good.

I think the paint was a little too thick, and again the highlights and shadows too stark.  Whereas on clothes, stark highlights can sometimes work (it can look like “shinier” material), on skin, it just looks bad.  There’s a lot more work needed to sort this out.