WIP: LOTR Merry Part 4

Working on Merry the hobbit.  Tonight’s updates include, highlighting the hair, adding highlights and shading to the skin, starting to look at working on the sword, additional highlights to the waistcoat for greater contrast, and basecoating the base.

I started this evening by highlighting Merry’s hair.  This was a simple mix of white into the basetone Zamasi Desert, and applied to individual hair strands.  Unfortunately, the highlights here are to subtle for my photo to pick out!

Skin tones were worked upon.  As is the way on this model, white and black were added to the basetone of Cadian Flesh.  A little Evil Sunz Scarlet was added to the highlight mixture and applied to the cheeks to a little warmth to the face.  The eyes were painted in with white.

Some additional highlights were applied to the waistcoat, but once again they don’t really show up in the photographs!

Some metallic silver was applied to Merry’s sword.  I’m not exactly aiming for a NMM approach here, but I did add white for a highlight, and applied it specifically in certain areas.  From certain angles, this comes across quite nicely, but from other angles it’s rough and needs working on.

The base was basecoated with Steel Legion Drab, and a sepia wash was added.  Whilst the wash was still wet, I applied a few drops of black wash to darken it in some places to add variation of tone.