WIP: LOTR Merry Part 2

Continuing to work on basecoats

With painting thinner coats, there are a few challenges I’m hitting already; firstly is that a lot of the primer showing through initially, and secondly, depending on the paint, the pigment isn’t always as smoothly flowing (I suspect aged paints may not be helping here).

This morning’s work was all about adding extra coats to the basecoats I’d already worked on, deciding on the colour for, and then painting the cloak, and adding some shadows to the creases in the cloak.

The yellow has come out quite well now, it’s a strong colour, so I’ll need to make sure it’s both shaded and highlighted well.  I’d also like to experiment with adding some freehand patterning to the waistcoat as seen in the movie.

I’ve also had to clean up a little “nub” of metal on the tip of the sword that I didn’t notice until the last photograph, which means it needed re-priming this morning.

For the skin, I’m starting with Cadian Fleshtone, rather than starting with Bugman’s Glow as I have done on previous models.  My reasoning is that I don’t want quite as warm a tone to the skin on this one.

Merry has a particularly characterful face on this sculpt so I’m looking forward to working on it.

Progress so far:

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