WIP: First Mordor Orc Part 5

Today’s Highlights – Highlights

Following suggestions on my WIP thread on CoolMiniOrNot, I’ve revisited the highlights on the Mordor Orc, focusing on trying to add contrast.  Mostly the cloth and leather were the flattest part in my opinion, so I tried to add a bit more interest to them.  The metal areas were OK, so I’ve not done any more to them, but I did take the face and skin up a notch.

I also added a highlight to the top portion of the bow, and cleaned up a kind of tide mark that I’d noticed on the bottom half in a photo from the weekend.

Morder Orc WIP – from a distance

I think the effect from a distance works quite well, and is kind of what I actually see “in person” where the roughness is picked up in close ups by the camera in “super-macro” mode.  The close up photos are still handy, as it helps me focus attention on areas I didn’t see need improvement, but it’s sometimes a surprise to see something quite so rough compared with what I saw with my own eyes a minute or so earlier.

Morder Orc WIP base rim still wet

As the above photo clearly shows, the base received another coat of black primer.  Hopefully that will all be smooth, and the coverage good enough to look at drybrushing some highlights onto it.  I think I may go for a dusty grey style base (thinking of the fighting around Osgilith from the Return of the King), as there’s probably too much brown in the model already.  I’m not fully decided however quite yet.

Morder Orc WIP Super Close Up

At full screen, this photo really shows how rough the left knee is, and also a few other heavy handed highlights.  I had some issues with thinning the paints today, not sure if it was just using water didn’t help, whether the paint is old and the pigment drying up, or just not mixed enough.  This led to some chalking highlights in a couple of places.  I’m being intentionally quite critical with this model, but really I’m relatively happy with the results so far.  All good practice really.

Cheers folks!

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