Lack of Updates and Website Changes

It’s been over a month since I lasted posted a blog entry, partly because of a distraction having to bird-sit for a few weeks in May, but since then just a bit of a lack of motivation having fallen into bad habits.  I did pick up a paintbrush once or twice, painting the Ork Boy heads, and their bases.

Painting Ork Faces

This is actually from a couple of weeks ago, and I have actually finished them since, but I may as well post the WIP photos anyway.

I spent quite a bit of time on the Ork heads, trying to push the contrast above what I have done previously, and using reds as this particular group are going to Evil Sunz clan  Orks.


I’m quite pleased with the results, I think they’re far better than my attempts from 2014 that I’ve recently been taking photos of again for the site.

Painting Rust World Bases

I have a set of awesome rust world themed bases that I purchased around 5 years ago specifically for my Ork collection.  Although it feels a little wasteful using these for Orks from Assault on Black Reach, I really liked the idea of an Ork army coming from a rusty junkyard world, as I thought it fits the theme of ramshackle, looting force.

Sadly, I don’t remember who made them, or where I purchased them, or even if they’re still manufactured, so once I’ve used them all, I’ll have to either make some that fit the style, or hunt down equivalents.

I used a number of techniques to paint these, but I particularly enjoyed adding some spot colours using washes in a few places to add some more interest.  I think the rust effects are better than those I’ve tried before on the last 40k Orks I worked on.

Again, I’m quite pleased with how these have turned out.

I’ll be looking to photograph and post the completed models soon.

Website Changes

Along with a very limited amount of painting, I’ve also been working on trying to change my site a little, as I wanted to move beyond “just a blog”, and more into a bigger site.  Initially, I’m going to focus on taking photographs of completed models and adding the to a “Showcase” section, whilst continuing to post WIP as a traditional blog.

Finally, once all the backlog of completed models have been pictured, added to the site, and I’m back in the flow of regular painting and blogging, I’m going to think about building on a new section, for general hobby articles.  This will be a mixture of painting guides, preparation tips and anything else I can think of that someone else might fight of use.  At the moment though, I need to get the photographs taken and the showcase done along with actually getting some painting done too!

I’m very much going to treat the website changes as a “living” project, so things will change, both visually and content based.  I don’t get many visitors at the moment as I’m not very active in the hobby online community so hopefully it won’t annoy anyone.  I’d rather be making regular changes to a live site over having no updates on a site whilst I wait a final end result, as I barely get the time to work on my hobbies, let along build websites in my limited free time.

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