Weekly Round Up – 2019 – Week 11

The relentless painting pace has dropped now that I’m working on the survivors whilst I try to both enjoy their individuality and character and paint them to a slightly better standard.

Also the teeniest progress on the Goliath Ganger.


This week I didn’t paint quite as often due to work commitments and both a first day off of the year, and a visit to a friend instead, which was all great fun and a nice change for me personally.

I did paint this morning, working further on Phil the Cop, but it’s certainly doesn’t seem as much progress than when batch painting buckets of zombies each week!

Survivor: “Wanda the Waitress

Completed Wanda this week. She was fun to paint, and I tried using some new paints for skin tones (Vallejo Model Colour), which I found a little tricky to get used to, and I think the skin’s a bit rougher than I really wanted to end up with, but all in all, I like how she’s turned out.

The “rear view” is a bit problematic due to the nature of the sculpt, so that looks a little messy, but otherwise I’m happy.

I’m particularly happy with the pupils on the eyes for this one, which I’m not quite sure what I did differently, but it worked!

Survivor: “Phil the Cop”

Started on “Phil the Cop”. Phil is one of my favourite survivors; OK it’s a little bland having just a generic American stereotype cop (I suspect he’s inspired by Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead), but the pose is good, and the details are quite nice. He does suffer from wobbly and droopy gun syndrome (it’s not unusual I guess for a stressful job… ahem!), but other than that he’s quite a cool model.

I’m not 100% convinced that the blue trousers was the right choice, as really American cops wearing sandy brown shirts normally have brown trousers, but given I was going with a fair flesh tone, I felt too much brown would have left the model with insufficient contrast (I made a similar mistake with a batch of zombies… who says I don’t learn!).

Basecoats applied
Shading and highlighting started


I did spend a couple of minutes this week working on final skin highlights for the Goliath ganger (using the Vallejo paints I mentioned I’m trying for the skin tones), and started on the base.


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