FINISHED: Mordor Orc

This morning, I decided to put some finishing touches to my second Mordor Orc.  I haven’t experimented with any new techniques on this model, but instead tried to focus on choosing some more muted colour choices, as I felt it suited the subject influenced by the more realistic low-fantasy tone of the Lord of the Rings movies.

Finishing the Mordor Orc

If I compare this particular model with the first Mordor Orc I worked on, I think I can see some improvements; I think colour choices in particular are better than the first, the red more interesting and offset by the green skin, whereas the previous attempt was brown, brown and more brown.  Did I mention a little brown?

I wasn’t particularly happy with the metallics on this one, and felt it needed to be more corroded, so I took the chance to add a little rust affects in a few places.  This helped break up the metallic parts, and I think it’s a reasonable effect, if not my best efforts at this kind of weathering, particularly the metal crotch armour, where I think I was a little heavy handed.

I based the model this morning using my standard technique, a simple reddish brown rim, textured with sand and a simple high contrast drybrush of a pale bone colour.  I finished this off as always with a little static grass.

I’m hoping that completing this one will help get me going once again.  I haven’t allowed myself much time for painting over the last couple of weeks, which has meant that this little dude has been sitting on my hobby desk.  I feel like I’ve been going through some form of a mini-depression, where everything has been getting on top of me – work being the primary factor.  I’ve just not been motivated to do anything, and that includes paint.  It’s strange because I ended 2017 really motivated, and started this year in a very similar fashion, but the last couple of months have seen me feel like things have spiralled out of control; but in reality, there’s very little difference to my situation, and I can’t quite understand what’s triggered things.  Anyway, enough of writing about that!

I’ve tried something a little different with the photographs this morning, initially I took them quite close in, but found it really showed up the looseness in my technique, so I retook them!  I know technically that’s cheating, but it looks a lot better from a little further away.

Hobby Retrospective

Time to evaluate how this model went.

What went well and I should continue doing?

  • Selecting a more muted palette worked well on this miniature.  This was a conscious effort, I think spending some time thinking about colour choices at the start is a good idea rather than just winging it
  • I blocked out most of the basecoat layers in one hour-long session.  This meant I managed lots of progress early on, and got to see the model come together.  This was motivating that day, and I was pleased with how it went along.

What didn’t go so well and I should stop doing?

  • Not painting frequently enough.  I should stop having big gaps between painting sessions.  I need to consider setting aside a couple of painting sessions a week to make sure I don’t go backwards
  • I need to start making sure that I clean out my wet palette after a painting session; if I have any gaps between painting sessions, I end up being unable to use the wet palette as it’s full of stagnant water, and I’m a brush licker!

What Puzzles Me?

  • Technically, there’s still plenty that puzzles me, but the main thing at the moment is keeping motivated.  I’m not sure what the trigger is that motivates or demotivates me, but I need to work out what it is as the gaps between painting sessions seem to be getting longer rather than shorter, and I can afford to get out of practice.


I’m pretty pleased with how this one’s come out.  No new techniques were applied, but I did experiment with a different colour palette, which I think worked well for this model.

I think I may try a bit of production line approach for the next set of models, perhaps maybe up to five at a time to see if it makes me a more efficient painter, and to get some practice in.  I’m also going to think about planning my free time better, and seeing if I can organised.  Also I really, need to tidy my office / hobby room, as it’s an absolute disaster of an environment to work in at the moment, which doesn’t help with motivation!

That’s all for now, hopefully the next update will not be so long coming!