Finished: First Mordor Orc

First Completed Mini or 2017

Well after a few days of painfully wrestling with highlights, I decided to clean up what I’d done so far, complete the base and consider this fellow done.

First Completed Model of 2017

Tonights efforts were mostly on cleaning up some highlights on the face, adding some subtle yellow eyes and toning down the highlights on the glove.  I also added some metallics to the armour that sticks out under the Orcs belt, as I decided this evening it was part of his armour, and not the shirt.

I also finished off the base, which I kept quite simple so as not to take too many risks – I didn’t want to fall at the final hurdle.  Basing is definitely something I want to work on going forward as I don’t have much experience of doing them.  It was often something I skipped when painting when I was younger as I rarely “finished” a model back the .

Hopefully the first of many, but to get the first model to the point I consider it to be “done” feels like a bit of an achievement.

A little closer up shows up the rougher parts

As I zoom in a little closer, some of the less neat parts become more obvious, I can see a couple of places I think I could tweak, but I think it’s important sometimes to recognise when a model is “done”, finish it off, then move forward.

A little static grass helps break up the colours a little, though perhaps I was a little overzealous with the little hill I managed to produce at the front!  It definitely looks better with static grass than it did before.  I went for a brown edge of the base over black, and I’m happy with how that’s come out.

So close you can smell his breath

Ar this close up, he looks a little rough in places, but I’m still happy with the overall effect.  I consider him the best work I’ve done so far.

Last photo before banishment to the display cabinet

As the model is complete, a photo has been uploaded to CoolMiniOrNot for rating.  I’m pledging to always upload a picture of every completed model, even if I’m not happy with the quality, or if it looks like a backward step.  After all, the point of putting models out to be rated is to learn and improve, only showing things you want to show, won’t help move me forward.

I’m aiming for a solid 6 here, my highest score at present is a 5.7 and I think this one is a definite improvement at least in my opinion, but as always we’ll see what the community thinks!

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