Model and Miniature Painting

FINISHED: Zombicide Walk of the Dead


Walking Dead

I had a real problem finishing this guy off.  I was really demotivated by how badly the base was, that I lost all interest in finishing this guy off, so he sat on my painting desk whilst I worked on the Mordor Orc.

I’d tried the citadel texture paints for the first time, and I really didn’t do a good job with it, and the edges of the base had a nasty horizontal mold line that looked really terrible and unfinished – but technically it was unfinished!

In the end, I rolled my sleeves up, filed and trimmed away the mold line on the base, and applied some sand as normal.  A quick black basecoat, a simple drybrush of a couple of different tones, a few clumps of static grass and a smooth coat on the base edge, and I was happy enough to claim that he’s done.

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WIP: Walk of the Dead Zombie 1 Part 1


Walk of the Dead

I was getting a little fed up with painting brown (yes I know, after only half a model), so I thought I’d switch things up and paint something a bit different tonight,

I could hear some shuffling and groaning from the corner of my hobby room, and looking over to the other end of my desk I spotted a zombicide season 1 walk of the dead zombie.  He’d been sitting partially worked on for a while, so I took the chance to push him on a few further steps.

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