Annual Hobby Review 2018

This year has been my most productive hobby year yet by a considerable margin.

My goals for 2018 were simple; to paint more frequently, and to improve. As the year progressed, I targeted producing a miniature that would earn a 7 out of 10 average on CoolMiniOrNot, which I achieved with my Minotaur (which is currently rated at 7.2), which I’m very pleased with!

I started to lose a momentum towards the latter half of the year for a variety of reasons (most notably busy with work!), and I fell out of the habit of painting regularly.

I ended the year by painting most of the hobbits from the Fellowship of the Ring, which I really enjoyed (I’m a huge fan of the movies), and although I didn’t quite manage to complete Frodo, he’ll be done early next year.

I also discovered the hobby community on Instagram, which I historically shied away from after finding I didn’t get many comments / likes on Twitter, which has impacted on the frequency of my blogging.

Overall though, I’m quite happy with what I produced, even though I would be happier had I painted a little more, and blogged more.