Painting in Acrylics: “Big Cats – Tiger” – Part 1

After over a year of not producing an actual painting, after going through the photographs of the “Big Cat Keeper” experience day at Dartmoor Zoo with Moni, I was inspired to start a new animal portrait!

This may be the start of a series of paintings of “Big Cats”, or it may just be a one off, I haven’t yet decided.  I’m going to chart the progress of the painting over a series of short posts, but I probably won’t go into a tremendous amount of detail, instead focusing on actually getting some paint to canvas.

This is the first time that I have decided to start a painting on canvas.  I prepared the canvas over the course of a few days with a few coats of white Gesso to prime, before sketching out the tiger.

I was mostly aiming to get the basic shapes and proportions in place to start with, just to make sure I knew where to apply the paint!