Painting in Acrylics: “Big Cats – Tiger” – Part 5

Only a little bit of progress tonight, this time focusing more on the fur of the tiger.

Tonight I worked a little on the tiger’s fur.  I painted in some of the white fur, and added some grey lines to simulate the shadow.  I also added smaller, shorter and thinner strokes to simulate the fur around some of the black markings.  As this was applied as “strokes”, this was a different technique for applying the paint in comparison with the far background (“dabbing” on the paint), and in the near background (applied via palette knife).  My intention is the different applications will give a feeling of different textures to the painting.

A lot more work needs to go into the fur, as some of the lines are too thick, and in the case of the white fur, too short.  I want to make sure I don’t become too cartoony with this affect,  particularly with the white fur.