Model and Miniature Painting

WIP: Necromunda Terrain Part 1


As I’m off for a fortnight, I wanted to take advantage of the free time to move some hobby projects along.  As I’m focusing on technique and painting skill improvement with the minotaur, I wanted to have another project on the go that meant I could be a little looser with my approach, and be a little less worried about accuracy and detail.   The perfect subject for this would be some terrain / scenery, where a looser style would actually work better for my purposes…

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WIP: Warhammer Old School Minotaur Part 11


After a disrupted week due to cockatiel sitting, infection and World Cup matches, I’ve finally pulled out the brushes again this morning to do a little more painting on the Minotaur.

At first I was struggling to motivate myself to get going; instead playing on GTA and avoiding doing anything, however once I got started, I was able to get into things once again…

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