Model and Miniature Painting

WIP: Warhammer Old School Minotaur Part 9


Between the World Cup, and running in the evening, my available painting time this week has dropped off.  Next week will be even worse, as little Indy the Cockatiel will be with me for a week again – and she gets into everything when she’s out, so no chance of painting.

However, I do have a couple of weeks off in July with little planned, so I do plan to get some more painting done.

All I managed this morning was around 30 minutes to an hour on the minotaur, unfortunately, only the slowest of slow progress is being made…

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WIP: Warhammer Old School Minotaur Part 7


After managing to get some regular hobby time in almost everyday last week, I’ve had two days of no progress, firstly due to spending the entire day in a bar / pub enjoying the England vs Panama World Cup game on Sunday, and going for my first run in years Monday evening (incidentally, the temperature was 29 degrees, so that was hard!).  I’m off work today due to having an appointment, so I took the chance to get a little bit of hobby time in first thing.

I mentioned in my previous post that I wasn’t happy with the filling of the gaps at the elbow joins, and that I was tempted to file it back and re-prime.  That was a bit extreme considering the work already gone into the model, so I came up with an alternative…

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WIP: Bandai Millennium Falcon Part 1


Millennium Falcon – A Build at Work

Last year, I spent a portion of my lunch hour each day building the Metal Earth Star Wars models, rather than browsing the internet, (or worse continuing working!), but quickly completed all of those that I liked and were available.  This left a bit of a hole in my day, and I wanted something to fill the gap.  I’d always fancied building models during my lunch hour, but have been put off by considering the hassle of transporting the model or tools back and forth from work.

I had been collecting the Bandai Vehicle Model series (or “stockpiling” might be a better term) for a while now, and they seem particularly suited to lunchtime building as the models are small, simple and quick to create.

I’ve already built and completed one of the series, Poe Dameron’s X-Wing which I thought was good fun and I was impressed at how well it went together.  I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the inclusion of stickers over decals, but given it’s size, I can sort of understand why they aren’t included.

The next one I fancied building was the Millennium Falcon.  This is my absolute favourite movie model without a shadow of a doubt – I have numerous versions of model kits to build of this ship, including two vehicle model series boxes (yes, I bought a duplicate).  Given I had two, the “hobby fear” wasn’t going to hold me back from starting one.

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