WIP: Bandai Vehicle Model Millennium Falcon Part 1

Millennium Falcon – A Build at Work

Last year, I spent a portion of my lunch hour each day building the Metal Earth Star Wars models, rather than browsing the internet, (or worse continuing working!), but quickly completed all of those that I liked and were available.  This left a bit of a hole in my day, and I wanted something to fill the gap.  I’d always fancied building models during my lunch hour, but have been put off by considering the hassle of transporting the model or tools back and forth from work.

I had been collecting the Bandai Vehicle Model series (or “stockpiling” might be a better term) for a while now, and they seem particularly suited to lunchtime building as the models are small, simple and quick to create.

I’ve already built and completed one of the series, Poe Dameron’s X-Wing which I thought was good fun and I was impressed at how well it went together.  I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the inclusion of stickers over decals, but given it’s size, I can sort of understand why they aren’t included.

The next one I fancied building was the Millennium Falcon.  This is my absolute favourite movie model without a shadow of a doubt – I have numerous versions of model kits to build of this ship, including two vehicle model series boxes (yes, I bought a duplicate).  Given I had two, the “hobby fear” wasn’t going to hold me back from starting one.

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WIP: Warhammer Old School Minotaur Part 1

WIP: Warhammer Old School Minotaur

With the A-Wing finally complete, and having been able to get the motivation to complete the Evil Sunz Ork boyz, it’s time to choose and work on a new model.

This time, I decided on a change of pace, and having searched through boxes and boxes of models, I spotted an old GW metal Minotaur that I thought might be good fun.

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WIP: Painting Space Wolves Blood Claws

Painting Space Wolves Blood Claws

Or a more accurate title really ought to be “how to ruin some Space Wolves Blood Claws”!

I have a lot of the latest iteration of Space Wolves Blood Claws / Grey Hunters, but I have an older set that I wish to work on first. I did paint these a few years ago, probably my last models before leaving the hobby, and they were at least base coated. Apparently, at some point, I’d undercoated over the original base coat, and for some reason I thought I might be able to paint over this and get a reasonable result. I was deluded.

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Warhammer World Visit

Trip to Warhammer World

First of all, this is not an advertisement for Warhammer World, nor for Games Workshop. I enjoy Games Workshop models, the setting of Warhammer 40k and the depth of background, but there is a lot about the business model, and a number of aspects of the hobby that don’t really work for me.

I’m not a huge fan of Games Workshop stores, I’ve always preferred local hobby stores, such as the ones I used to visit as a kid, as you get exposure to different model kits, and generally because that avoids what I think can only be described as “overly pushy sales pitches” whenever you try and buy anything. Part of me believes that this sales style is there because hobbyists are considered a little meek, and therefore if you push them, you might make more sales. This is the opposite for me, and I’m actually more likely to leave with buying nothing if the staff piss me off. If I need help choosing a product, I’ll speak to a member of staff. Slight rant over!

Basically, I wouldn’t go out of my way usually to go to a GW store, and would generally go to a more general hobby store. If there was a GW store in Stafford I’d probably think differently, however as the nearest to me is probably Wolverhampton, it’s never been particularly convenient to go to one anyway.

I can’t say I ever really had a massive desire to go to Warhammer World, as I’m not and will never be a wargamer, however with a week off work booked, and nothing planned, the weekend before my break from work I made the decision I’d like to go.

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