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WIP: Old School Dwarf Slayer Part 7


New Tricks

Not much progress to talk about today, I need to make sure I don’t lose too much momentum, but work and life gets in the way sometimes.

I decided to push myself a little on this one, but trying to do a bit of freehand wood grain on the axe hafts.  This isn’t something I’ve tried before, and is something I’m a little apprehensive of doing – I think that’s a good thing though!

I added a smooth(ish) basecoat of a dark brown on both axe hafts, and then began working on the one by adding in a few thin lines of a lighter shade.  I’ve also got as far as adding the first couple of highlights to this to add some more definition.  It’s not my cleanest work so far, but it’s a start to something new.

A pre-warning with this one, the photos are horrific.  I’ve had a real difficulty getting a good picture in daylight!  After figuring out some reasonable settings for shooting in the darker evenings with the lights in my hobby room, I’ve had to adjust the levels in GIMP to bring the overexposed picture down to something passable, but it’s still not right.  I didn’t have the time this morning to re-take them, so I’ve had to say “that’ll do”|

Front View – Axe Haft Wood Grain

It’s really hard to see the wood grain on most of the axe haft on the left (the dwarfs right axe), due to the pictures, but hopefully you can see what I’m starting to go for.

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WIP: Old School Dwarf Slayer Part 6


Late Update, Slow Progress

I didn’t post yesterday, but I did paint.  I’m really enjoying the process on the Dwarf Slayer, and I think I’m learning a lot.

With most of the flesh parts “done”, other than some skin visible through gaps in the beard, I moved on to working on to highlighting the boots and pouches, and started on the wrist bracelets.   The boots, pouches and one of the wrist bracelets are the same grey-brown leather.  The highlights a touch rough, I find this particular colour difficult as it comes out very, very chalky.  I’m going to do some extra mixes to try and even things out, and will probably glaze these on to make it smoother and cleaner.

The other wrist bracelets were started, one in gold, and the other blue.  I really like the blue, it’s come out quite nicely.

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