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WIP: Space Wolf Blood Claw Part 3


Sometimes Things Just Don’t Go to Plan

Well that hasn’t gone very well!

Started the morning wrestling with airbrush clogs, followed by clumsily applies shadows with a questionable colour choice.  I made up a 50:50 mix of Naggaroth Night and The Fang with a few drops of airbrush thinner, and applied this to some choice areas.  And by choice area, I mean splattering and spidering everywhere.

This is my own fault, too thin paint, too much paint at too high a pressure and too close to the model.  Yep, needless to say I wasn’t very happy.

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WIP: Space Wolf Blood Claw Part 2



Applies the undercoat via airbrush, using my usual zenithal highlighting approach.  As I’ve kept the model I’m sub assemblies, I made a conscious decision over where the light source was going to be and how the model would go together to get the light in the correct places.

I’ve not taken any work in progress shots at this stage, as there’s nothing too interesting about it.

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FINISHED: Old School Dwarf Slayer


No Posts != No Progress

Rather than posting this week, I decided to spend my hobby time actually painting.  I was finding taking WIP shots, transferring them to my PC, balancing the levels and then resizing and uploading them to both my CoolMiniOrNot WIP thread and writing a new post was too time consuming.  Although I want to be active on this site, and I want to maintain a WIP thread to get feedback from the painting community, my time is just too limited to do all three at this time.

Work is busy with a number of projects I’m managing, and although I’m  leaving on time, I’m tired, and it’s tough motivation to get back onto a PC to write blog posts and sort out photographs.  That combines with training I’m doing four out five nights a week to keep fit, as well as still preparing healthy meals is meaning something has to take priority.

I decided to post less frequent updates, and instead do more painting, and it paid off – the Dwarf Slayer is now complete.

I didn’t do a whole not more on him, other than highlight the stripes, and paint the front of the trousers and belt that was obscured due to his huge belly!  Once this was done, other than touching up a few areas I’d accidentally chipped, that’s all I did on him all week before moving on to basing.

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WIP: Old School Dwarf Slayer Part 10


Up to Ten WIP Posts for one Dwarf?!?

So I’ve now reached ten separate posts relating to one dwarf model.  Talk about a slow painter!  Shame the results don’t seem to match the time spent haha

Truth is I’m actually quite happy with how this one is progressing.  I’m learning a whole host of new things, and I’ve certainly tried a lot more techniques than I have previously.  Although I’d like to paint more quickly, at the moment I’m just trying to paint (and post) regularly – so as I don’t have a great deal of painting time, I’d rather make sure I do a little bit as often as I can.

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WIP: Old School Dwarf Slayer Part 9


First Excuses for Lack of Updates…

I’ve had a busy week, unfortunately not with the brush.  As a Product Owner / Project Manager, sprint change-over week can be a little hectic, particularly if you have a few projects ongoing and you need to demo work to customers.  Although it doesn’t culminate in working additional hours, it’s just hard to keep motivation to hobby when you’ve had a heavy day and you want to commit to doing fitness training in the evenings too.

Now for Progress

Although I’ve been busy, I did still manage to get a little done over the past couple of days – I’ve just preferred to paint over taking photos of progress and posting.

All of the work has been Dwarf Slayer related, and mainly confined to working on the remaining axe-haft, and getting a start on the axe-heads.  I’m a little surprised at how messy my metallic painting has been, I had thought this would be the quicker and easier part!

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WIP: Old School Dwarf Slayer Part 8


Wood Grain… Still

Worked a little more on the wood grain this morning.  Firstly applied a wash of Agrax Earthshade to tone down what I’d done previously.  Once dried, I then highlighted up again with diluted Skrag Brown and then Deathclaw Brown.  Both paints were still in their original GW pots, so some transferring into dropper bottles was necessary, which always eats into painting time.

Today I fiddled with my camera settings after yesterdays horrific photographs, and they’ve come out better, so hopefully the effects are easier to see:


The front view (where I started) doesn’t look quite right to my eyes yet, but it’s certainly starting to move forward, and looks far better than the plain brown on the right axe haft, so I’m pleased with the decision to push on and attempt the effect.

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New Model Alert!


More Model Purchases

Today a new model was dropped off by my parents after I had a delivery sent over to them.  It came in a big box from Amazon.  This generally is full of packaging, so imagine my surprise when I opened the outer packaging and saw this:

Revell Imperial Star Destroyer

I purchased this on a whim, without knowing too much about it.  It was not cheap.  I saw the size, and took a gamble that this was a Revell re-box of the Zvezda Star Destroyer.  Looking at pictures of the kit online, I’m pretty sure it is, but I haven’t been able to confirm 100% in writing anywhere.  Even if it isn’t, it looks great in the box, and it is absolutely huge!

This is something going into the stash, and is not going to be one I work on in the short term, but it’s one I think will be really awesome.

I’ve always loved the shape and design of the Star Destroyer – I’m pretty sure it’s one of several Star Wars spaceships that pretty much started my obsession with models and miniatures!

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