A Little About Me

My name's Jake, and I build models and paint miniatures. Yes, that does sound like the start of an alcohol anonymous meeting introduction, and that is probably a most apt description for a hobby addiction (I agree that's a joke in poor taste!)

I suppose I'd more precisely say that I buy lots of model kits and miniatures, and then think about building them, and then actually just put them in storage! I suppose that makes me more of a collector than a hobbyist, but I'm endeavouring to build more models and paint more frequently.

It's quite common for hobbyists to horde piles of grey plastic that they never touch, however as someone who needs a creative outlet and doesn't have one in a professional capacity since moving from being a Software Developer to more of a Business Analyst / Project Manager, I want to paint more for it's therapeutic effect.

I put this site together with the intention to help motivate me, and although I've subsequently moved to using Social Media (particularly Instagram) more and more to post my work, I still would like to keep the site going as a repository of finished work.

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I'm pretty active over on Instagram, where I post work in progress photographs following every painting session. I find it's a great way to interact with the rest of the hobby community.

If you fancy seeing more of my work and see almost daily progress of what's on my painting desk, follow me over on Instagram.

Follow me on Instagram to see more work in progress photographs.

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I like to talk about all things related to my hobbies, and the easiest way to contact me is over on Twitter.

If you'd like to chat to me about anything hobby related or otherwise, please find me over on Twitter @DroidWorkshopUK.

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View My CoolMiniOrNot Gallery

CoolMiniOrNot is the largest resource for awesome models and miniatures on the Internet. On my return to the hobby, the work I saw over there blew me away.

I periodically post new finished models to my gallery so that the community can rate my work. As the rating system is by it's very nature subjective, I don't put too much stock into the actual ratings I receive, but it's still a handy general barometer of whether or not I'm improving.

View My CoolMiniOrNot Gallery